Well what a couple of years it has been! Who knew the whole world would be told to stay at home. Even now it’s hard to believe. I really hope everyone of my past guests and those reading this did ok navigating their way through the pandemic. It finally feels like things are moving again and we can take our well deserved holidays. I believe they will be sweeter than ever. I have always appreciated the beauty of home and I feel so lucky to live here in Co Clare but when told during the peak of Covid, our only journeys could be in our own county, it solidified not only how beautiful it is but how much there is to see in every direction. A Lot of the time I return to favourite spots, but lockdown made me take different roads and I was never disappointed. I have said it before and I’ll say it again with fresh memories, the roads less travelled in Ireland are the roads you need to see. I encourage all my guests to slow it down, try not to see all of Ireland in the week or two you are here but see parts well! It is the small villages, back roads, local pubs etc that tell the story of real Ireland. It is the characters that live here who stay in your mind.

Follow the small brown tourist signs to see dolmens, round towers, holy wells, ring forts, castle ruins, bird sanctuaries or small, interesting Museums. I like to walk through the old graveyards to see the old mausoleums and ancient headstones. Obviously, these are not really advertised as a tourist attraction, but they are worth seeing. To give you an idea, there are 79 villages to see in my county alone, all with their own character so you will be kept busy and content. There are so many loop drives from Balally House that will always get you home within the hour. It’s nice to know when you are tired and done for the day you know you can get back easily. I am happy to tell you step by step the routes to take.

We look forward to welcoming you this season at Balally House!